Documentation and FAQs

File Market is a service that allows digital content creators to exchange their free products for customer emails.

For Content Publishers
Can embed my landing page into Wordpress?

Currently, there is no Wordpress plugin, or way to embed the email capture form into a Wordpress powered website. While this may become a paid feature in the future, currently the best way to utilize File Market is by linking directly to your landing pages.

Can I upload my own landing page background image?

This is not possible yet, but you can choose from our wide selection of preselected background images or choose any solid color in place of an image.

How can I request a different email service be added?

You can let us know via our contact page, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Can I use my own domain to hide the domain?

We are working on adding this feature, but if you want to help force the issue, please let us know here.

Why is there advertising on my landing pages?

File Market is a free service. This singular ad on the landing page is what helps pay the bills for our service. We may in the future consider a paid version that removes those ads.

Can I see a demo of how this service works?

Since we are a free service, we suggest you register and try out the full process yourself (including filling out the resulting landing page as if you were a customer).

How is this service better than the others?

First, we automatically add your customers directly to your email lists (we don't store these at all). Secondly, we force customers to use their real email address so that only real email addresses are added to your marketing lists.

For Landing Page Customers
I never received my download link email!

All download emails are sent out within minutes of a form submission. If you do not see the email, please check your junk or spam folders. Also, please double check that you used a valid email address.

Why am I only allowed to download each file 5 times?

Too many times when content creators publish a download link that is supposed to be hidden from the public, that link gets shared and downloaded without the creator's permission. We cap each download link at 5 times to prevent unauthorized sharing of the download URL.

My link says it is 'expired'. What do I do now?

We suggest you re-register on the landing page. While this will re-add you to the publisher's email marketing list, it will reset the clock on how many times you can download the file.